Pro Model HK47

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This model was hand crafted and specially designed for All-Star Howie Kendrick. It combines a large barrel, a smaller handle and a traditional knob. Similar to the 243, this bat is a favorite among power hitters looking for an end-loaded bat, with a larger hitting surface. The specialized design of this model allows for this end-loaded bat to maintain the desired balance most big barrel, small handle bats lose.


• Handle: Small

• Barrel: Large

• Knob: Traditional

• Feel: End loaded

• Steel compressed for complete barrel hardness 

• Pro ink dot test (maple & birch only)


Finish Shown on Birch - (Black/Black) - White Logo

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Wood *
Line 2 Engraving (+ $5)

1 Review

Ian Lozada 06-11-2023

He always comes back to the HK47.

My son has tried a lot of bat models. He received his first birch HK47 2 years ago and loved it. It felt very similar to his Victus Nox and later, his Stinger Nuke. As he started playing in wood bat leagues, he flirted with the CS271 and the VG27. The VG was in play for awhile last year, but he came back to the HK after a month. He broke one in winter workouts, and while he still had a spare HK in the bag, we replaced the broken one with an uncupped HK. Nice, not the same. He flirted again in Senior League ball with a maple/bamboo composite 243 that local rules allowed, but whenever he needed a hit, back to his original style HK. The ball leaps off ethos bat. I’m on the site tonight to add one more HK to the bag. He always comes back to it.

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