Pro Model VG27

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Trinity Pro model VG27 was hand crafted for Vladimir Guerrero and combines a large/long barrel, medium handle with a traditional knob. This is a variation of the popular 243 and is a favorite among power hitters looking to have an end-loaded bat with a larger/longer hitting surface.


• Handle: Medium

• Barrel: large

• Knob: Traditional

• Feel: Slightly end loaded

• Steel compressed for complete barrel hardness

• Pro ink dot test (maple & birch only)

Finish Shown on Birch - (Classic Barrel/Black Handle) - Silver Logo

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Wood *
Line 2 Engraving (+ $5)

2 Reviews

Marcus Hostetler 10-09-2021

VG 27 Birch 32.5” No cup.

Awesome! This things got some pop! Excellent customer service and created a great product for player I work with. I think he’s going to fall in love with Trinity Bats birch product. Thank you.

Parker knopp 08-12-2021

Pro Model VG27 Birch

Where do I even begin! I play at the college level and have swung many wood bats and I can honestly say THIS Bat is my #1 favorite. It sounds great and I absolutely crush baseballs. It’s slightly endloaded but the weight distribution Is so precise. When I have this bat in my hand I have total control and a lot of whip through the zone. This bat is a must have and I 100% recommend this bat!!! Thank you trinity bats, I will never swing another bat company. This is awesome!

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