1.  Our Trinity logos are strategically placed as a general guide to help you continually make contact on the hardest side of your bat. The logo up (facing toward you) or down (away from you) will guide your contact point to the strongest part of your Trinity Bat. Because every hitter is uniquely different in their swing, you may have to make adjustments with your logo position.  Depending on your top or bottom hand strength and/or rotation you may have to slightly turn your logo accordingly. Pay attention to your ball marks as they can teach you about your swing and help you make these adjustments.  Any form of contact towards the end of the barrel or near the trademark will increase the chance of breaking your bat.

2.  Do not leave your Trinity Bat in hot locations for long periods of time. Leaving your bat in areas such as the trunk of a car or exposed in the sun can create a change of bat weight, or even make your bat more vulnerable to breakage.

3.  All Trinity bats go through our bone rubbing process to guarantee complete hardness.  We recommend that you continue to bone rub your bat (ash, birch and maple) to maintain this hardness.  Using a porcelain sink or toilet is your best option.

4.  Only use real baseballs with your Trinity Bat. The heavy density of rubber cage balls or other blunt objects will put stress on your bat and cause vulnerability in your handle.

5.  Never throw or hit your Trinity Bat against anything harmful.

6.  Do not let other players use your Trinity Bat. Other players might lack the knowledge of how to hit with a wood bat.  It is your investment, and worth protecting.

7.  For the desired grip for your Trinity Bat, use a pine tar stick, spray or rag. Use a rosin bag to reverse the stickiness to find your perfect level of grip.

For further bat care tips or questions, contact us directly.