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  • Platinum X Series
    • Specified to the 2013 PRO regulations. This entails an ink-dye test on the handle and a rotated trademark to the edge-grain side.  Also includes a personalized signature of your name to bring "Big League Flair" to your bat.
  • Pro Model Series
    • Models that are based off our pro athletes. They are the same Ash, Birch and Maple we send to our pros.
  • Trinity Model Series 
    • Customized model bats that are made by Trinity.  They are also the same Ash, Birch and Maple we send to our pros.
  • Youth Bats
    • Designed for young ballplayers who are typically in the age group of 7-12.  In addition, our Boom Stick is designed for ages 5-6.
  • Training Bats 
    • Training bats are essential to all ballplayers. They are designed for all players, from those who are just learning the game to professionals interested in increasing their level of play. In addition, we also offer softball bats!
  • Need a gift to give?  Not a problem!  We offer Trophy Bats that can be customized any way you want.