Yellow Birch  leaf-yellow-birch.jpg


Birch is the most popular wood type that we offer. It is a fibrous hardwood with the perfect combination of flexibility and hardness. It is considered a “hybrid” wood type between ash and maple. It is less dense than maple allowing for a lighter feel and bigger barrel size options. With the unique bone rubbing process our birch goes through, you gain hardness comparable to maple while maintaining more flex than ash.   Birch is new in the wood bat lifestyle. It is gaining momentum and is very popular with many players today.


Hard Rock Maplered-maple-leaf.jpg

Maple is the hardest and most dense wood that we carry. It is typically 5-10% stiffer and harder than ash. The natural fibers of this hardwood are short and tight, creating a hard hitting surface with little to no flex. This hardness causes the ball to jump off maple. Due to the moisture and density of maple it can feel heavier and limit the barrel size. This popular wood type, which arrived in the 90’s is chosen by many players primarily for the hardness and durability that it offers.