Why use a wood bat? 

Using a wood bat allows young hitters to develop their swing the right way and prepare for the game as well as the next level. Aluminum and composite bats allow hitters to get away with poor mechanics that will ultimately be exposed at the next level. There is a lot of pressure when transitioning to a wood bat and it’s important to not ignore this pressure. With education of the wood bat lifestyle, guidance in finding the right model for each individual hitter and the development of disciplined hitting mechanics, a wood bat can create confidence for a young hitter and make this transition much easier.

How does a wood bat enhance performance? Doesn’t a wood bat decrease performance in comparison to aluminum?

Because wood bats force hitters to maintain a compact swing and stay short to the ball, the mechanics stressed by a wood bat allow for a consistent, disciplined swing and better strike zone judgment. With aluminum you can create and get away with bad habits as well as develop poor strike zone discipline.

Why not use a composite bat? It’s cheaper and more sustainable. I can buy 1 or 2 composites and be set for a while vs. continuing to purchase new wood bats.

Composite bats generate poor results and lack pop, ultimately impacting on-field performance. Pro-quality wood bats maintain high performance, a hard-hitting surface and sustainability while allowing the hitter to feel natural connections vital to learning about the details in their swing. Whether it’s performing in front of an pro scout/cross-checker, playing in a premier showcase or for your local team, wood bats are a part of the next level and it’s important for young hitters to be prepared and develop confidence earlier rather than later. It’s not just a bat…it’s an investment for the future!

Why use a Trinity bat?

Carrying only pro quality wood that performs at levels most people are unfamiliar with, our bats are professionally approved, chosen by some of the game’s biggest names and guaranteed to give you an edge. Every bat we send out is perfectly balanced, tremendously hard and extremely durable. We believe in executing this not just at the professional level, but at all levels. Every bat with our name on it is going to perform at the highest level. This is an investment for you and we take it serious. We are a professional experienced team who value educating young hitters not only about the details of wood bats, but the right way to play the game. Our priority is enhancing performance and it’s our job to prepare hitters for the next level as well as finding the right bat for each individual hitter.

What wood type is the best? How do I know which type to choose?

All Trinity Bats are made of ash, birch or maple. They will all perform at a high level in their own unique way. They each have variables that are different and valuable for every individual hitter. Education and information about the different wood types is crucial when making an investment in your bat. For further information regarding wood types, reference to our wood types page.

What is a cup and what does cupping a bat do?

Cupping is the process of taking some weight out of the end of the barrel. Typically it is about half an ounce. Although it won't impact the overall weight, cupping your bat is a way to give you improved distribution of weight.  It will make your bat a little less end-loaded and improve your total bat control. Cupping a bat is a good option for young hitters who are still growing.

Is there a warranty option with my Trinity Bat purchase?

Due to broken bats being a part of the wood bat lifestyle, we do not offer any warranty options with our bats. At Trinity we take a lot of pride in the development of young hitters. We want them to understand and learn from past experiences. We want to educate young hitters and help guide them to make adjustments to prevent similar mistakes from happening again. Consistency and adjustments are crucial with the development of young players. Please contact us directly with further questions or for guidance in this area.

Is there a return policy? What if my bat breaks?

At Trinity Bat Company every bat is crafted with quality, care and precision. Each individual bat goes through intense inspection during every step of production, continuously checked for any sign of imperfection. With our high standards, we are confident in the quality of every bat we send out. With this and due to the nature of broken bats being a part of the wood bat lifestyle, we do not offer a return policy with used bats.

If your Trinity Bat breaks with very little use after only a couple swings, contact us immediately. You may choose to have your bat sent in for analysis and testing to determine if the break was a manufacturing vs. hitting error, at our own discretion. Please note that even the highest quality bats will break when point of contact is incorrect or continually abused and we cannot guarantee longevity. We will not replace bats that have been abused or broken because of poor contact. We take a lot of pride in teaching young hitters why bats break and how to minimize and/or prevent it from happening. For further material on bat care, reference to our bat care page.

If your Trinity Bat is damaged in transit, contact us immediately prior to use. Without immediate response, we cannot guarantee the damage was suffered prior to use and therefore cannot replace it.

If you receive your Trinity Bat and it does not meet your specifications from when you ordered, please contact us immediately, prior to use. If our recorded invoice does not match what you received, the unused bat must be sent back and we will replace it.

How long should I expect my order to take for delivery once I place it?

It is wise to factor about 2-3 weeks when placing a customized order. Every bat is handcrafted and fully customized to the exact specifications of every individual and may take some time. If you are in quick need of a bat, contact us directly, via phone, and we can expedite a finished bat from our showroom wall.