BOOM Stick

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This bat was crafted for young hitters new to the game with dreams of becoming a future big leaguer. It combines a small barrel, small handle and traditional knob. This well-balanced bat allows beginners to maintain bat control while swinging for the fences!

• Handle: small

• Barrel: small

• Knob: Tradition

• Feel: Balanced

• Steel compressed for complete barrel hardness

• Pro ink dot test (maple & birch only)


Finish Shown: All Natural - Black Logo




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Line 2 Engraving (Optional) +$5.00

1 Review

Keith 04-10-2022

Boom Stick

My 6 year old loves this bat. Got it in birch, 27". I thought it would be too heavy and that he'd have to choke up but he swings it like a dream and I can't believe the distance he's getting on his hits. He hasn't touched his other aluminum or wood bats since we got this one. He loves using it as much I love pitching to him and seeing him smile as the ball screams past me. I'm an Orange County native and love that I can get top quality bats that the pros use custom made for my budding player. I'm sure we'll upgrade to larger bats as the little league seasons progress on.

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