Due to broken bats being a part of the wood bat lifestyle, we do not offer any warranty options with our bats. At Trinity we take a lot of pride in the development of young hitter’s. We want them to understand and learn from past experiences. We want to educate young hitter’s and help guide them to make adjustments to prevent similar mistakes from happening again. Consistency and adjustments are crucial with the development of young players. Please contact us directly with further questions or for guidance in this area.

Return Policy

At Trinity Bat Company every bat is crafted with quality, care and precision. Each individual bat goes through intense inspection during every step of production, and continuously checked for any sign of imperfection. With our high standards, we are confident in the quality of every bat we send out. With this and due to the nature of broken bats being a part of the wood bat lifestyle, we do not offer a return policy with used bats.

Please note that even the highest quality bats will break when point of contact is incorrect or continually abused and we cannot guarantee longevity. We will not replace bats that have been abused or broken because of poor contact.
For further material on bat care, reference to our bat care page.

If your Trinity Bat is damaged in transit, contact us immediately prior to use. Without immediate response, we cannot guarantee the damage was suffered prior to use and therefore cannot replace it.

If you receive your Trinity Bat and it does not meet your specifications from when you ordered, please contact us immediately, prior to use. If our recorded invoice does not match what you received, the unused bat must be sent back and we will replace it.