Pro Model SM13

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Pro model SM13 was hand crafted by Steve Mckee (owner of Trinity Bats) and is one of the best-balanced and one of the hardest bats we craft. With a moderate sized long barrel, medium/thin handle and slight tapered knob, this bat's high-density wood creates an immediate impact for the hitter. This is a great bat for someone looking for density and longer hitting surface.


• Handle: Medium/thin

• Barrel: Medium

• Knob: slight tapered flare

• Feel: Balanced

• Steel compressed for complete barrel hardness

• Pro ink dot test (maple & birch only)

Finish Shown on Maple - (Cab Red Barrel/Cab Red Handle) - Gold Logo

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Wood *
Line 2 Engraving (+ $5)

1 Review

Manuel 02-11-2021

Outstanding piece, my favorite model to swing

I’ve been swinging this model for the past couple of years and it is honestly my favorite turning model out of all the different brands/models I’ve swung. I recently got one for a friend of mine (33/30 birch—also what I swing) and he was blown away, the quality Trinity provides is outstanding and the balance is especially great when it comes to weight distribution. Great bats and Steve (the owner) has always been good to me whenever I’ve called/made a visit to their HQ.

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